GaLor Genetics, Inc. is a state-of-the-art donor management facility for embryo transfer, serving the cattle industry. We are conveniently located just off US Highway 287, 6 miles south of Townsend, and 26 miles north of Three Forks, Montana, giving us outstanding access to all of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Our success rate at producing viable embryos is 8 embryos per flush. Additionally, we employ a proven procedure when infertility is an issue with the cow.

GaLor Genetics has been in business at its current location for more than 8 years, however Gail Vennes, the company's founder has more than 40 years experience in beef cattle reproductive physiology, and has a Master's degree in Reproductive Physiology from Montana State University.

We are able to work with all breeds of cattle. Our current and past clients included Black Angus, Red Angus, Hereford, Charolais, Low Lines, Simmental, Salers, Gelbvieh, Main Anjou, Longhorn, Brahman, and Corriente.

Presently we work with 3 different Embryo Transfer Technicians, however if you have a preference, we will be happy to work with the technician of your choice.

We will gladly visit you about your beef cattle reproduction needs.


Certified for international export of embryos!


GaLor Genetics, Inc.
8393 Highway 287
P.O. Box 1170
Townsend, Montana 59644
(406) 431-1009 (cell)
406) 266-5028 (fax)